Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #003, June 04, 2018,

Some exciting updates on WebGPU, and research into AR Cardboard, AR UX, and VR in a worker thread. Enjoy!

- Jordan Santell

Chrome Intent to Implement: WebGPU

Being developed by the GPU for the Web W3C Community Group, Chrome announced an Intent to Implement for WebGPU API, with public support from Edge, Firefox and Safari. The WebGPU API is the successor to the WebGL and WebGL 2 graphics APIs for the web, providing modern features such as "GPU compute", as well as lower overhead access to GPU hardware and better, more predictable performance. Corentin Wallez

XR for Change Summit

A part of the Games for Change 2018 Festival in New York City, the XR for Change Summit is a single day of talks, workshops and demos from folks using immersive technology offering new ways to create positive social impact.

Immersive, stereoscopic Mixed Reality — on the cheap!

Stewart Smith describes his experiences in creating a mixed reality web app with two smart phones, Google Cardboard, prototype AR browsers, and wizard-like hacks.

HTC announces 6DOF Controller Mode & Hand-tracking gesture input

HTC announces at Vive Ecosystem Conference 2018 that the Vive Focus will soon support a 6DOF controller mode, as well as controller-less hand-tracking for gesture input.

Design Lessons Learned From Mobile AR Experiments

Interaction designer Vishnu Ganti shares her lessons learned on designing user experiences while exploring AR applications.

WebGL/VR on the Worker Thread

Daosheng Mu documents his experience using web workers with WebVR. While written two years ago, many of the techniques and issues still persist today.