Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #007, July 31, 2018,

It's been a slow, heads-down summer, and then a lot of updates for the end of the month from the Immersive Web Community Group's face-to-face meeting in Seattle! I'm also always looking for news and updates to share, so feel free to reach out!

- Jordan Santell

Immersive Web Leadership Changes

Last week, during the Immersive Web Community Group's F2F meeting (meeting notes), a more formalized leadership was proposed in preparation for the creation of the Immersive Web Working Group. Congratulations to Ada Rose Cannon and Chris Wilson (co-chairs of Immersive Web Working Group), Trevor Flowers (chair of Immersive Web Community Group), and Nell Waliczek and Brandon Jones (WebXR Device API spec editors)!

web platform Brandon Jones

Designing a WebVR game with A-Frame

In Designer vs. Developer #18, Ada Rose Cannon shares her experience and resources building a WebVR game in a week for Games Done Quick using A-Frame, Twinery, Glitch, Archilogic and Google Poly.

Intent to implement and ship: WebXR Device API in Firefox Nightly

Firefox engineer Kip Gilbert publishes their plans on shipping the WebXR Device API in Firefox Nightly in October this year on all platforms that already support WebVR.

Chrome launches on Daydream View

Chrome makes its way to Daydream View headsets and Lenovo Mirage Solo for browsing the web in VR, supporting WebVR experiences.

Magic Leap reveals demo, hardware

AR HMD startup Magic Leap revealed a first look of a developer demo and hardware in their Magic Leap One, slated to be released later this summer. This week, the device's field of view was uncovered: 40°x30°. Ben Lang

Josh Marinacci livestreams WebXR development

Mozilla's Josh Marinacci has been livestreaming the process of building 360 VR experiences and shares looks at the Firefox Reality research browser. Check out Josh's videos and stay tuned for the next livestream!

Supermedium scores $1.1M in seed funding

WebVR browser-makers Supermedium raise $1.1M in seed funding.