Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #010, February 28, 2018,

Microsoft announced the HoloLens 2 this week at $3,500 a pop, rivaling Magic Leap's FOV, shipping later this year. Microsoft has committed to open app stores, open browsing, and open standards: all rad things for the open, immersive web.

- Jordan Santell

Bringing Firefox Reality to HoloLens 2

Coinciding with the HoloLens 2 launch, Mozilla and Microsoft announce that Firefox Reality will be coming to the HoloLens 2, along with Mozilla's Servo browser engine and Rust support.

WebVR Starter Kit from Glitch, Mozilla

Glitch and Mozilla launch the WebVR Starter Kit, a free 5-part video course. Jenn Schiffer, Melissa McEwen, and Jake Loeterman walk through building a WebVR experience in A-Frame, with remixable Glitch projects every step of the way.

Real-world Hit Testing merged into WebXR

While several augmented reality APIs have been incubating over the last few months (hit test, lighting estimation, anchors), the first scene understanding feature has been merged into the WebXR Device API proper. The new hit test explainer describes new methods that allow applications to raycast into the real-world and collisions conveying found geometry. Note that this proposed API differs from the implementation in Chrome, based off of the original proposal.

PSA: The State of WebXR

Chrome developers released a PSA outlining the current state of WebXR implementation in Chrome as the API undergoes change. Required reading if you're supporting WebVR and WebXR across all platforms.

A Quick Guide to Designing for Augmented Reality on Mobile

Bushra Mahmood releases part 4 of her ongoing series, A Quick Guide to Designing for Augmented Reality on Mobile; an accessible series on applying design patterns and working in a new, spatial medium (with great visuals). Start from part 1!

WEBGL_multi_draw, WEBGL_multi_draw_instanced lands in Chrome Canary

Brandon Jones shares the performance implications of new WebGL extensions WEBGL_multi_draw and WEBGL_multi_draw_instanced landing in Chrome Canary.

WebVR in Brave

A Bird shares support for WebVR in the Brave browser and how to access.