Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #008, August 30, 2018,

Summer went by just like that. I've been super slow sending this out, so thanks for your patience! In just a few weeks, everyone's talking about the released Magic Leap One, the Global WebXR Hackathon ends as JS13k with WebXR begins, and the Immersive Web Working Group charter is coming together to push the WebXR Device API into a W3C proposed recommendation. Dig in & enjoy!

- Jordan Santell

Magic Leap One Released

The ultra-anticipated mixed reality headset Magic Leap One was finally made available for public purchase earlier this month at $2295. The Helio web browser is also shipping on the platform, with documentation for the Helio SDK for declaratively creating 3D web content in XR. There are a lot of takes out there, but I've enjoyed Avaer Kazmer's hands-on developer review, "Magic Leap One: Vive for AR, Adario Strange's review of the Helio browser, and if you're into hardware guts, iFixit has a great teardown of the Magic Leap One.

Authoring for Mixed Reality with Timoni West

Timoni West, Director of AR/VR Research at Unity, shares findings and fields questions on authoring XR experiences as a part of Mozilla's Speaker Series.

Immersive Web Working Group Charter

The draft charter for the Immersive Web Working Group is currently under review. The Immersive Web Community Group that has been working on WebXR standards will now create a working group: a more formal process for pushing the WebXR Device API into a W3C proposed recommendation.

Testing Usability for WebVR

Nicole Mabry shares Four Kitchen's user research into the world of accessible WebVR, offering recommendations on designing spaces, narratives, and stories from their studies with WebVR on Cardboard and Daydream headsets.

Crystalis VR Game Wins The 2018 Global WebXR Hackathon

Virtuleap's Global WebXR Hackathon has come to an end; check out the 21 experiences, and congratulations to Alfredo Consebola's virtual reality puzzler Crystalis VR, and all of the contestants!

JS13k Games: WebXR Category

JS13k Games is a JavaScript competition to create an experience in under 13 kilobytes, adding a new WebXR category this year, allowing A-Frame and Babylon.js to be used without counting against the file limit. I've been slow sending this out, and there's 13 more days, so add 1kb of code every day on top of either WebVR framework and give it a go!

Building AR/VR with JavaScript and HTML

Or Goldus from Halo Labs shares their path down the rabbit hole of entering the world of developing XR experiences for the web, with plenty of follow up resource links.