Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #050, May 11, 2021,

While Epic and Apple argue the semantics of "game" and "metaverse" with billions of dollars on the line, this week the immersive web community focused on shipping tools and experiences that moot those definitions.
Balance your polishing wheel, adjust your apertures, calculate your focal points, and heat up your pitch because it's time for another issue of the Immersive Web Weekly!

- Trevor Flowers (now with face pontoons)

LaMeyer and Welkhoff Talk XR Ventures

In this interview the founders of the WXR Venture Fund, Amy LaMeyer and Martina Welkhoff, discuss how companies can play a part in developing the culture of XR as well as concerns like privacy, emotional safety, and accessibility.

interview funding Fotis Georgiadis

npm install all-of-poly

Thanks to work by Sara Viera and others in the Poimandres collective, a new "dev-first" asset market is taking shape. Assets will be available via the npm install command and Lewy Blue recently revealed that he's scraping public models from the Poly service so there will be a large selection of models at launch.

Export Hands From Unity

The WebXR Export for Unity project is picking up steam with the addition of support for hand models via the WebXR Input Profiles library. Oren has put together a demo scene for people interested in the experience.

Something Oren "De-Panther" Weizman

Put Your Brush To Work

Brushwork is an experimental experience in which to channel your inner Bob Ross. Import a reference image and then while away the hours putting paint on canvas.

Active Theory Plays The Field

Coming off of their recent success with the Secret Sky event, creative experience creators Active Theory are hosting "The Field" for the Wall Street Journal's The Future of Everything Festival.

public sky

"Keep Hands Inside Car At All Times"

WebXR spec editor Brandon Jones announced that XR Dinosaurs now has hand support. Be careful though, the mastodon doesn't appreciate some hand gestures.

the hand that codes you Brandon Jones

Another Weekly Enters The Field

Long-time reporter on XR and the tech that surrounds it Cathy Hackl launched a new series on Forbes to focus on "the metaverse". Perhaps she can help Epic and Apple with a definition.