Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #052, May 25, 2021,

This issue of the IWW will land in your inbox a bit earlier than usual because today I'm hosting the 2021 WebXR Developer Summit, an all-day free event featuring as many browser teams, library writers, and immersive web creators as we can pack into 8 (!) hours of live-streamed conversations.

- Trevor Flowers, the emcee with the place to be

Post Poly Poimandres

This week Paul from the Poimandres Collective announced a new market for 3D assets. It has been bootstrapped with Creative Commons licensed assets from Kenney and is open for submissions via GitHub pull request.

First Look at WebGPU

The W3C working group focused on the GPU announced two new public working drafts: WebGPU and WebGPU Shading Language. These graphics APIs are set to form the basis for high-performance and highly-portable experiences on the immersive web so it's in every developer's interest to review and provide feedback.

Jump On the Oculus New Tab Page

Developers have long wondered how folks at Facebook choose immersive web experiences to promote on their browser's new tab page and thankfully those questions are now answered. Build it, ship it, test it, and then submit it!

Layer On That Lovely Text

As support for WebXR Layers matures in Facebook's immersive browser more developers are interested in trying out this method for increasing render quality while lowering performance costs. Luckily, the Oculus browser team has contributed new samples that demonstrate layers for high quality UI (including text) as well as lovely backgrounds.

samples Facebook Reality Lab

Augment That Reality

José Ferrão has continued to improve his cohesive rendering and interaction toolkit for augmented reality which includes lighting estimation, depth sensing, and hit testing.

A Journey of a Million Voxels Starts with One Step

For Google I/O 2021 Derick Bridie updated Jordan Santell's step by step tutorial and shared code for web-based AR apps.

Dude, Where's My Brush?

Last week we covered Daniel Esteban's alpha release of the "Dudes!" immersive experience and this week he maintained momentum by announcing that he used the same framework to build a TiltBrush-esque sculpting tool which he consistently named "DudeBrush".