Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #054, June 08, 2021,

It seems like the immersive web had a quiet week as Summer fully arrives in the Northern hemisphere. Sadly, in Seattle we have "June-uary" so I took those quiet moments to wrap up by a warm fire, drink hot tea, and design a few lens polishing tools for an optical assembly for face pontoons.
Grind your end mills, zero out your DRO, and square your stock because it's time for another issue of the Immersive Web Weekly!

- Trevor Flowers from Transmutable

WPE WebKit Runs Firefox Reality on Android

In a bit of a surprise, the Igalia team announced this week that they have the fully open source WebXR implementation in the embeddable WebKit library (WPE) running on Android. They used this to replace the Gecko engine in a build of Mozilla's Firefox Reality immersive browser as demonstrated in a video in this blog post. Is there a future for Firefox Reality without Mozilla?!
Also this week, Igalia engineer (and Ex-Mozillian) Imanol Fernandez detailed the work behind their WebXR implementation in an internal codecamp talk.

Archery Training has Multiplayer

Construct Arcade continues to improve their stable of games. On Wednesday they announced that Archery Training has multiplayer support which you can see in action. Sadly, they have made no announcements about whether we can shoot apples off of each others' heads.

Sense of Space Launches Sense XR

After months of development news, Sense of Space launched Sense XR, their no-code platform for editing and web publishing of volumetric captures. They tout their adaptive streaming technology for its ability to work across many hardware devices and browsers. There is a free tier designed for testing and production prices start at US$250/month.

volumetric video Raquel Cardoso

Hand Physics Tool Kit for WebXR

One of the more popular Unity libraries for hand interactions is HPTK and this week Florent Giraud announced an initial version that targets WebXR Input Devices.