Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #060, July 27, 2021,

This issue marks the first anniversary of the day that I took up the editor position for the Immersive Web Weekly. After 50 issues and one roller-coaster of a year for everyone on Earth, I'm happy to report that our collective work to create a wider web is gaining momentum with creators, users, and even the normally reluctant mainstream press. One of the most powerful web companies in the world just declared that it's pivoting to become a "metaverse company". Scrappy teams that use WebXR throughout their technologies are being pulled into the tech world's motherships through acquisition where they will spread the word about no-install, standards-based XR apps. XR events are no longer news-worthy because they're now such a common occurrence.
You all are incredible and I love your work.
Put on your party hat, strap on your dancing shoes, and make room for a slice of cake because it's time for another issue of the Immersive Web Weekly!

- Trevor Flowers from Transmutable

Rik Cabanier Unlocks The Editor Badge

After years of dedicated work across two companies (Magic Leap and Facebook), Rik Cabanier has accepted the official editor's role for the WebXR specification, joining Nell Waliczek, Brandon Jones, and Manish Goregaokar as metaphorical parents of a core API for the immersive web.

Facebook All In on OpenXR

In August of 2022 the proprietary Oculus APIs for mobile and PC VR will be deprecated and OpenXR standard APIs will be used for all future development. The Unity and Unreal Engine plugins for Facebook's devices are moving to OpenXR. Let's hope that this kind of standards support will be standard operating procedure in their new Metaverse division.

Epic Now Owns Sketchfab

The leading market for web-compatible 3D assets, Sketchfab, has been purchased by one of the leading 3D engine companies, Epic.

WebXR Teased for Lynx

The leader of the Lynx project to create an XR headset teased that in an upcoming YouTube livestream (scheduled for July 29th at 10am Pacific) they will announce plans for WebXR support.

Crypto Adverts in WebXR

The Zesty Market social media team declared support for NFT monetization of immersive web apps.

PlutoVR's App Mash-up

Michael Hazani of PlutoVR discussed their new Multi Apps which allow multiple WebXR, Unreal Engine, and Unity applications to run side-by-side in the same XR space.

Ada Rose Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

Our illustrious co-chair, Ada Rose Cannon, discussed the current and future state of the immersive web with the hosts of the Vhite Rabbit Podcast.