Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #061, August 03, 2021,

Despite having a ton of fun, I took a break from playing Worlds Demolisher to survey the hard work coming out of our community and friends it's amazing! More events are in production. More industries are finding out about WebXR. More teams are meeting in immersive spaces. More technologies are maturing.
Put down those wands, take off that headset, and let those batteries recharge because it's time for another issue of the Immersive Web Weekly!

- Trevor Flowers from Transmutable

You Get A Summit, You Get a Summit, And You Get A Summit!

The team that produced the Polys award show and the WebXR Developer Summit has announced two new events: the WebXR Business Summit (hosted by Samantha Mathews) and the WebXR Design Summit (hosted by Kent Bye). They're coming soon on 14 September and 12 October, respectively, and tickets are now available.

The Web Can CAD

Training and collaboration for CAD-heavy industries like automotive has typically been handled only by native apps but that's beginning to change with products like iQ3Connect. They recently announced their support of high quality CAD in WebXR and are hosting a free product workshop on 19 August.

CAD collaboration iQ3Connect

Robert Long Spills the Beans

Ex-Mozilla engineer and current Open Metaverse wonk Robert Long was interviewed by the team about all things immersive web.

A Soft Landing for Raspberry Dream Land

The Raspberry Dream Land team announced the soft launch of their new platform for art events.

High School Students Drop In

In what seems like a trend, teachers like Anthony White are picking up WebXR and creating new curricula.

Trello Mirrored on Frame

Trello's yearly all-hands meeting was held in a mirror copy of their headquarters that was created and hosted by the Frame team at Virbela.

Webaverse Completes the Digital Body Challenge

One consistent request since the beginning of XR on the web has been for "full" digital bodies with inverse kinematics for tracking, open source for portability, and support for de facto digital body standards like VRM and Ready Player Me. Webaverse seems to have heard those requests and met the challenge. The open code natively supports VRM and apparently Ready Player Me bodies can be converted to VRM.

Three.js Orders Up New XR Rendering Quality

The new version of Three.js, r131, includes changes from Facebook's Dave Hill that lower render times and thus open up the possibility of increased visual quality in WebXR experiences.