Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #064, August 24, 2021,

While I stayed thoroughly busy building a small factory, the searches that I use to find news items were a bit quiet this week which gives us an opportunity to relish that this community has helped to immerse people around the Earth in the amazing journey of five Paralympics athletes and the rush of dynamic art at MUTEK.

- Trevor Flowers from Transmutable

Paralympians' story in XR

Phoriatech worked with Facebook and the Paralympics to tell the uplifting stories of five athletes.

Virtual MUTEK

The decades-old electronic-music and audiovisual-performance festival, MUTEK, is now virtual and runs from 24 August to 5 September. This year it includes immersive experiences such as an art gallery.

Interoperability Demo Night

The Open Metaverse Interoperability Group will host a demo night for projects that support interoperability among XR spaces.

2D Platformer in VR

Babylon.js contributor David Rousset released a 2D platformer game that you play in VR.