Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #068, October 05, 2021,

It is interesting times here in the metaverse immersive web, with AR features becoming more stable at the same time that new hardware offerings tease a variety of openness and capability and the world of blockchains aggressively inserts itself into almost every aspect of the creative and technical community.
Buy a power plant, turn on four-factor auth, and fire up your miner racks because it's time for another issue of the Immersive Web Weekly!

- Trevor Flowers, making Twenty Tiny Memex


Co-chair and XR powerhouse Ada Rose Cannon published bARsketball, a demonstration of many AR features of WebXR. She also wrote up a detailed blog post about implementing game physics for XR experiences.

experience sportsball Ada Rose Cannon

Metaverse Tutorial Series One: Enter the Micro-Metaverse

The author of the 2021 VR Manifesto is writing a series of tutorials covering XR scenes backed by NFTs, cryptocurrency wallets and transactions, and smart contracts for interaction.

Vhite Rabbit interview Playko CEO

Playko recently published Ski Fit 365 which yin-chien yeap discusses with the Vhite Rabbit team as well as the state of the immersive web and XR publishing.

Webaverse Teases Wearables

The "Multiplatform Internet MMO built with NFTs" is making progress on fashion for digital bodies.

Design Summit Town Hall

In preparation for the October 12 WebXR Design Summit, Kent Bye hosted a two hour open town hall to discuss topics for the event as well as to get a sense of how people in the wider community think about design for AR and VR.