Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #069, October 12, 2021,

It was a bit hard to concentrate when editing this issue because the WebXR Design Summit is currently hosting a series of panels with excellent people saying interesting things. At the same time, the Lynx kickstarter is fully funded, Magic Leap is showing pics of v2, HTC is teasing a new stand-alone, and the CombineReality kickstarter is coming soon so the hardware space is heating up.
Exciting times!

- Trevor Flowers, maker of Twenty Tiny Memex by 2022

WebXR Design Summit is Happening Now

As we go to press the WebXR Summit team is gathering together a wide variety of speakers from our community. Tune in to the YouTube livestream and check out the schedule.

js13kGames Winners

With help from many judges in our community, the js13kGames contest has announced the winners in the WebXR games category. You can play them directly from the contest page.

OnboardXR: Mythos and Monsters

OnBoardXR is a first-look incubator and anthology of short-form, stable showcases of live performance in a single event and web browser. The seasonal event is a self-driving sandbox open to participants wishing to prototype or experiment with live 3D/XR/VR/AR/Streaming virtual technologies.

FIVARS also has an interview with Brenden about producing events for the immersive web.

Spatial-audio Experiments with BabylonJS

The artist known as docEdub announced a new experiment with spatial audio using CSound, WebAssembly, and BabylonJS.