Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #074, November 16, 2021,

While I detour into making miniature intellectual infrastructure the pace of the immersive web continues to increase with more developers picking up on the narrative that the browser is solid ground on which to build a metaverse home.
Bake your bricks, pound your pilings, and snap your chalk lines because it's time for another issue of the Immersive Web Weekly!

- Trevor Flowers, maker of Twenty Tiny Memex by 2022

Toward a Faster Three.js

It was exciting to see WebGPU-related support landing in the latest Three.js, with a couple of PRs from Sunag that use WSGL.

Pixels About Math About Math About Audio

Jesse Andrews got meta-meta about sound with this fast Fourier transformation visualization demo and example code.

8th Wall goes Wider

The 8th Wall AR Engine team announced that their new release is now wider than ever with support for immersive displays like Hololens and Quest in addition to their already solid support of portal mode displays on iOS and Android smartphones.

ShoyuNFT provides Glitz for Nifty Receipts

This blockchain + immersive web experience was used in several conversations about the potential of the Agreement Bedrock for the web community.

Spatial Sensing and Selling of Fabulous Furniture

Neil Mathew announced that Dabble is a new browser-based tool for designing built environments that is incorporating portal display modes for in-situ visualization.