Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #075, November 23, 2021,

As the holiday season rolls in, newly excited analysts around the world watch for signals that XR is taking off while long-time creators of the immersive web continue to lay down crucial foundations. It's not a job filled with glory so if you're giving thanks this week then perhaps reach out with kudos to our spec editors, chairs, browser teams, and community contributors.
Seal up those windows, insulate your walls, and snuggle into a pile of blankets because it's time for another toasty issue of the Immersive Web Weekly!
Note: The IWW team (OK, it's just me) is taking off the rest of this year for a bit of holiday rest and relaxation. I'll see you back here in 2022!

- Trevor Flowers, maker of Twenty Tiny Memex by 2022

Svelte, but Wider

Svelte developer Rich Harris announced Svelte Cubed (and its source code) which combined the slick page-creation tool, Svelte, with graphics engine Three.js to give web creators a sum greater than its parts.

Browser-based Polycam

Photogrammetry, typically the realm of native apps, joined the immersive web with Polycam's announcement that they've ported their engine to browsers. Collect images using whatever camera you have on hand, upload them to the Polycam site, change a few settings, and then download the resulting 3D files for use in any application, native or browser-based.

Be In The Bower

This project brought the amazing bowers created by birds into XR and was scripted in Scheme that is then transliterated into Javascript.

FIVARS 2022 Applications

The FIVARS team quietly announced that applications are open for their February 2022 festival.

M3 Covers "Web3XR"

Open metaverse creators recently gathered in Twitter Spaces and the M3 team graciously gathered notes and references to the interesting projects mentioned during the meetings.

research M3

Mentorships For Art Installation and Performance

Parallel 04: UNION Immersed is a WebXR performance & installation mentorship guided by Kiran Bhumber ਕਿਰਨਦੀਪ ਕੌਰ ਭੰਬਰ and Nancy Lee 李南屏 and presented by Vancouver New Music, INTER/MEDIATE and CURRENT, in partnership with The Roundhouse. Ten artists from a range of backgrounds, including visual and sound design, creative writing, dance and media arts were selected to take part in this collaborative project developing WebXR environments using Mozilla Hubs.