Immersive Web Weekly

Issue #078, January 18, 2022,

Though this is my last issue as editor of the Immersive Web Weekly (see issue 77 for details) there are still many "firsts" ahead for the immersive web. There's no end to the end of hard work and lofty goals waiting for people in this community. Those specifications won't write themselves. Our events won't self-organize. VR rigs won't pop out of printers (yet).
The wider web community stands ready to amaze and confuse us by using our work in ways that we never considered. Thank all of you for amazing and confusing me for 68 issues.
Install your dependencies, generate your make files, and fire up your compiler because it's time for another issue of the Immersive Web Weekly!

- Trevor Flowers, new editor of the Transmutable News Weekly

Swiftly Edit WebXR

In his recent 2021 project review, Hammed Arowosegbe casually mentioned building SwiftXR, an in-browser editor for WebXR scenes.

Get Clear on Clarion

Kieran Farr from 3DStreet posted a remixable Glitch experience in which you can walk through one of San Francisco's mural-laden alleys.

photogrammetry Kieran Farr

Julie Smithson and Sophia Moshasha to Host Polys V2

The Powersimple team announced the second installment of the Polys, the WebXR awards show that highlights progressive people and projects in our community. Block out time on February 12th for a lovely celebration. (they're presenting an award to me but I hope that won't scare you away)

awards Powersimple

1 City, 2 Realities

A volunteer coordinator, HandsOn Twin Cities, worked with XR studio REM5 to create 1 City, 2 Realities, an exhibition space highlighting racial inequalities in the US and their community. Participants were given access to the experience and then asked to participate in a series of debriefs and conversations.

Tiles of the City

The research and development wing of the New York Times released demonstrations of and source code for a new platform that dynamically loads and unloads detailed photos captured in 3D. It depends on Three.js, A-Frame, and data from Cesium in the OGC 3D Tiles format.

Cannon Remixed

On January 21, our illustrious co-chair, Ada Rose Cannon, will present "The State of Augmented Reality in the Web Platform" at the Remixed conference. Tickets are free and available now.